Meet the Team: Instructor Team for NAUI’s Southeast Leadership Conference 2024

The upcoming NAUI Southeast Leadership Conference, set to take place from September 16 to October 12, 2024, represents a significant milestone in diving education. Aimed at enhancing regional divemaster and instructor training, the conference combines traditional in-person instruction with virtual workshops to create a comprehensive learning experience. The program is being offered in both Kentucky

NAUI Dive Spotlight: Autumn Blum’s Journey to Ocean-Friendly Products

NAUI is deeply committed to preserving our oceans and promoting sustainable diving practices. By integrating environmental awareness into our training programs, NAUI ensures that divers not only explore the underwater world but also become stewards of marine ecosystems. NAUI divers are educated on the importance of eco-friendly diving, such as avoiding contact with coral reefs,

Scuba Quest: A Leader in Diving Education and Ocean Conservation

Scuba Quest is a Florida-based NAUI-certified company with five stores in Southwest and South Florida and a warehouse in Sarasota. The new Scuba Quest Fort Myers officially opens the weekend of May 24-May 26.   Scuba Quest offers a comprehensive range of technical dive courses and open-water certifications at both locations. Spearheading these operations is

NAUI Dive Spotlight: Alex Fogg and the Emerald Coast Open Lionfish Tournament

NAUI is a proud sponsor of the Emerald Coast Open Lionfish Tournament in Destin, Florida, taking place on May 17th-18th 2024. This dynamic event combines community, marine conservation, and some friendly competition. This month’s NAUI Dive Spotlight is on Alex Fogg, the Coastal Resource Manager for Destin-Fort Walton Beach and a passionate marine biologist, who

NAUI Service Center Middle East Welcomes Yaqoub Alkandari as New Director

Riverview, FL – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Yaqoub Alkandari as the new Director of NAUI Service Center Middle East. This strategic move is set to further strengthen NAUI’s commitment to providing unparalleled education, standards, and services to the diving community in the region. Yaqoub Alkandari

NAUI x 4Ocean: A Partnership Dedicated to a Cleaner Ocean.

In honor of the NAUIx4Ocean Bracelet Launch, the team wanted to make a splash! So on Friday, April 5th, 2024, NAUI HQ staff set out bright and early and rolled up their sleeves for a 4Ocean Partnership Beach Clean Up. The team met with the 4Ocean crew at 9:30 AM, enthusiastic and ready to directly