The Deep Dive: How Rod Shroufe Merges Diving, Teaching, and STEM

Rod Shroufe, an accomplished NAUI-certified instructor (NAUI# 55930), intertwines his three fervent passions – diving, teaching, and STEM – weaving them together in a harmonious dance that has defined his life’s work. Currently, he is the driving force behind an innovative initiative known as the “Water Stewards Program” (WSP).     This groundbreaking educational initiative,

12-Year-Old Earns NAUI Jr. Advanced Certification in 24-Hour Saturation Dive for Project Neptune 100

If you have the good fortune to meet Riley Young and ask her about SCUBA diving, you will be greeted with a wide smile and her passion-filled story about overcoming challenges while learning to dive. Riley’s determination to conquer fear and manage anxiety about being underwater and reaching her goal of becoming a diver was

Left-Hand Braking: Unorthodox Lessons from Cycling to Enhance Scuba Leadership and Instruction

“Brake with your left hand.” If you are a cyclist, at least in the United States, that statement probably sounds like an invitation to disaster. However, as usual, it pays to listen with an open mind.   Recently I was on a guided bike ride in Vietnam. The group was composed entirely of folks from

First NAUI Diversity Scholarship Winner Announced!

Please join the NAUI Board of Directors and NAUI Diversity Committee in congratulating Sarah Yerrace on being selected as the first ever NAUI Diversity Scholarship Recipient! Sarah will work to earn her NAUI Instructor Certification this fall and join the NAUI family. Sarah has worked in several capacities to increase diversity in both recreational and

NAUI Leaders Converge on Rescue Workshop

Over a weekend in October 1-2, 2022 a group of approximately 30 NAUI Leaders and prospective leaders attended a “NAUI Leadership Rescue Workshop.” The workshop was a collaborative effort organized by: Frank Degnan 7165, Scott Chapman 49776, Andrew Morgan 52002, Sloane Lofy 57154, and Nick Nechay 60788. Attendees spanned quite a range of years from

Spearfishing: Catching Only What You Need and Preserving Marine Ecosystems

Ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that takes fishing to the next level? Spearfishing is a thrilling and one-of-a-kind sport that will challenge you in ways traditional fishing never could! Unlike regular fishing, spearfishing requires the hunter to get up close and personal with the fish and requires them to get in the water, hunt for