Celebrating the Certification of Force-E’s Newest NAUI Instructors!

Please join us in congratulating the successful certification of Force-E’s newest NAUI Instructors, Teddie Bevacqua, Chris Hoffman, Roman Giconi, and Mike Tardiff. Over the past 6-7 weeks, these seasoned dive instructors have navigated through a rigorous and comprehensive training program, a testament to their unwavering commitment to Dive Safety Through Education.  



Their journey began with extensive pre-testing, where the instructors demonstrated their profound knowledge and understanding of diving principles. Following this, they engaged in graded classroom and confined water teaching evaluations. These evaluations were not just assessments; they served as platforms for these professionals to refine their instructional methodologies, ensuring that their future students receive nothing but the highest quality of dive education. 



A pivotal component of their training involved skill-honing workshops. These workshops were designed to sharpen their practical diving skills and elevate their instructional capabilities. The outcome of this intensive training is a group of individuals who are not just NAUI Instructors, but true dive professionals in every sense of the word. 



NAUI Worldwide is immensely proud to welcome these individuals into the ranks of our esteemed organization. Their addition signifies more than just an increase in numbers; it represents the growing strength and diversity of our global community of dive leaders. 


These new NAUI Instructors will play a crucial role in shaping the future of diving. They are set to teach and mentor military personnel transitioning from active service utilizing the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program with NAUI. This program allows service members to use your G.I. Bill® to become a NAUI Dive professional at one of our 75 NAUI VA approved testing centers around the world.  No matter the level of certification, this program helps service members with their transition into civilian life and the dive industry!


As NAUI Worldwide continues to expand and diversify its global presence, the addition of Force-E’s newest NAUI Instructors marks a momentous milestone. Their journey is a vivid illustration of the excellence and professionalism that NAUI stands for. We look forward to their contributions and the positive impact they will make in the lives of aspiring divers and the broader dive community. 

If you’re interested in learning more about all of NAUI’s Veteran’s programs or specifically NAUI’s DoD SkillBridge Program, visit: https://www.naui.org/certifications/armed-forces/dod-skillbridge-with-naui/  

For more information about becoming a NAUI instructor and NAUI Worldwide Leadership, visit: https://www.naui.org/certifications/leadership/