Chairman’s Message: Happy New Year!

As we embark into a new year and new decade, it is a good time for every one of us to resolve to work toward a NAUI year to remember. I was truly honored to serve this past year as the chairman of your NAUI Board of Directors. Great strides were made this past year in finalizing many things that were unfinished as well as starting and continuing other very important initiatives.

CORE is now up and running in over half of our service centers and will be worldwide soon. Our European members now have direct access to services and products through the CORE system.

New training standards and materials have come on line for Public Safety Diver and Freediver courses.

The NAUI App is in version two with other things becoming available soon.

NAUI members now have the opportunity to support our association by becoming a NAUI lifetime member, and more than 100 have already made the commitment in just a few short months.

The trend of declining membership has stopped, and we have a great opportunity to start growing in membership and market share.

2020 is our 60th year, and there are events being scheduled in all service center areas with a culmination at the DEMA Show 2020 in New Orleans. Everyone should try and attend at least one of the events to celebrate NAUI past, present, and most importantly, our FUTURE!

Membership organization decisions made will never be agreed on by everyone, but I have learned over the past five years that everyone who volunteers to run for and serve on the Board tries hard to do what is best for all. The nine people you elect discuss passionately all issues and move forward what is the best decision for NAUI. This past election you chose two of our most qualified NAUI members to take a seat and work for you. They have both been involved in committee work and NAUI events for years and have worked with Board members on projects that made NAUI a better organization. This trend must continue. To compete in today’s world, we must have a membership that will study the issues and skills needed to continue to move NAUI forward. Please get involved, stay informed, and vote in the next election for those who will bring the most skills to the team.

Early January is the designated time for new officers, and they will be announced soon. Thank you for continuing to support an organization I care deeply about and have spent over 45 years supporting. My pledge to all members is to continue doing everything I can to help us become stronger financially and competitively.

My challenge to you is help by promoting NAUI, using NAUI materials, and doing your best to certify at least one more student than you did last year. We grow instructors from our divemasters, and divemasters from our scuba divers. Let’s make our 60th year our best ever!

Danny Grizzard, NAUI 3550