Introducing the NAUI Team Kits: Your All-in-One Solution to Dive Leadership

NAUI Worldwide is excited to launch our newest addition to our educational resources – the NAUI Team Kits. Designed with precision for Assistant Instructors, Divemasters, Divemaster Crossovers, Instructors, and Instructor Crossovers, these kits encapsulate the essence of comprehensive support and readiness for dive professionals. We also are launching the NAUI Upgrade Team Kit, providing Members with an opportunity to get all the gear included in the 2024 NAUI Team Kits!

Assistant Instructor Kit (NES98502)

Divemaster Kit (NES98503)

Divemaster Crossover Kit (NES98503DMC) 

Instructor Kit (NES98505)

Instructor Crossover Kit (NES98506)

Upgrade Kit


All-In-One Kits for Immediate Professional Readiness

The NAUI Team Kits are not just collections of items; they are carefully curated packages that provide candidates with everything they need to complete their course and start working with their certification immediately. Each kit is tailored to meet the unique needs of different dive leadership roles, ensuring that every NAUI professional is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to excel from the moment they achieve certification.


Seamless Integration with Existing Offerings 

Recognizing the diverse needs of our candidates, the NAUI Team Kits are offered as an add-on, complementing our current Premier NES Kit and Digital NES Kit. This integration ensures that candidates have access to all their required training materials in one comprehensive package, at a discounted price. This initiative is born from our commitment to providing value and convenience, eliminating the need for separate purchases post-certification and ensuring candidates are fully prepared from day one. 


A Strategic Investment in Your Dive Career 

The NAUI Team Kit was designed and curated as a strategic investment in your career as a dive professional, while also ensuring that NAUI Instructors are equipped with everything they need carry out our core mission of ‘Dive Safety Through Education.’ By providing everything needed for course completion and beyond, these kits represent a commitment to your growth and success in the diving world. The discounted bundle price not only offers financial savings but also equips you with the highest quality resources and tools, ensuring you’re prepared to take on leadership roles with confidence and skill. 

As NAUI continues to lead the way in dive safety and education, the introduction of the NAUI Team Kits marks another milestone in our mission to support and empower dive professionals. We invite you to explore these kits and discover how they can enhance your journey to becoming a NAUI Leader. With the NAUI Team Kits, you’re not just getting certified; you’re stepping into a world of opportunities, equipped with the best tools and knowledge to make a significant impact in the dive community. 


Embrace the Future with NAUI   

The launch of the NAUI Team Kits is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in dive education. As you embark on or continue your journey as a dive professional, let NAUI be your partner every step of the way. With NAUI, you’re not just joining an organization; you’re becoming part of a global community of respected dive leaders dedicated to the highest standards of dive safety and education. 


What’s Included in the NAUI Team Kits? 

Each NAUI Team Kit includes a variety of tools and resources specifically chosen to support the role it serves, from Assistant Instructors to Instructor Crossovers. Standard items across all kits include eLearning access, a comprehensive leadership textbook, and essential diving equipment like the black mask strap and briefing slate, among others. These kits are your toolkit for success, designed to bridge the gap between education and practical application in the dive industry. Click through the Gallery in the heading to view all the kits and their contents! Below, you’ll find a detailed listing of the contents of each kit.


Assistant Instructor Kit  Divemaster Kit Divemaster Crossover Kit
AI eLearning DM eLearning DM eLearning
AI Patch DM Patch DM Patch
AI Decal DM Decal DM Decal
Leadership Textbook Leadership Textbook Leadership Textbook
Certificate Certificate Master Diver Textbook
Member Folder Member Folder Certificate
Briefing Slate Scuba Skill Slate Member Folder
Flexible  Air,32,36 Tables Briefing Slate Briefing Slate
RGBM Sea Air, 32, 36 Tables DM Air Table Scuba Skill Slate
Buddy Team Checklist DM Activity Roster DM Air Table
Ospery DayLite Plus Flexible  Air,32,36 Tables DM Activity Roster
30 oz Tervis Water Bottle RGBM Sea Air, 32, 36 Tables Flexible  Air,32,36 Tables
NAUI T-Shirt Voucher Buddy Team Checklist RGBM Sea Air, 32, 36 Tables
Open Bottom SMB Ospery DayLite Plus Buddy Team Checklist
Black Mask Strap 30 oz Tervis Water Bottle Ospery DayLite Plus
Finger Spool NAUI T-Shirt Voucher 30 oz Tervis Water Bottle
NAUI Cap Open Bottom SMB NAUI T-Shirt Voucher
Buff Black Mask Strap Open Bottom SMB
NAUI Whistle Finger Spool Black Mask Strap
NAUI Cap Finger Spool
NAUI Whistle NAUI Cap
Buff NAUI Whistle


Instructor Kit Instructor Crossover Kit  Upgrade Kit
Instructor eLearning Instructor eLearning Ospery Skarab 30
Instructor Licensing  Bundle Instructor Licensing  Bundle Skill Slates (Scuba, Rescue, Advanced, Master)
Instructor Patch Instructor Patch Briefing Slate
Instructor Decal Instructor Decal Flexible  Air,32,36 Tables
Leadership Textbook Leadership Textbook RGBM Sea Air, 32, 36 Tables
 Certificate Master Diver Textboook Buddy Team Checklist
Member Folder Certificate 30 oz Tervis Water Bottle
Skill Slates (Scuba, Rescue, Advanced, Master) Member Folder NAUI T-Shirt Voucher
Briefing Slate Skill Slates (Scuba, Rescue, Advanced, Master) Open Bottom SMB
Flexible  Air,32,36 Tables Briefing Slate Black Mask Strap
RGBM Sea Air, 32, 36 Tables DM Air Table Finger Spool
Buddy Team Checklist Flexible  Air,32,36 Tables NAUI Cap
Ospery Skarab 30 RGBM Sea Air, 32, 36 Tables NAUI Whistle
30 oz Tervis Water Bottle Buddy Team Checklist Buff
NAUI T-Shirt Voucher Ospery Skarab 30
Open Bottom SMB 30 oz Tervis Water Bottle
Black Mask Strap NAUI T-Shirt Voucher
Finger Spool Open Bottom SMB
NAUI Cap Black Mask Strap
NAUI Whistle Finger Spool
Buff NAUI Cap
NAUI Whistle