Lifeguarding Team in Brazil

The Brazilian aquatic rescue team E.R.A RESGATE (Equipe De Resgate Aquático) was created by NAUI Instructor Marcos Caruso (NAUI 59306) to provide aquatic safety and lifeguarding at open water events. Its rescue professionals were trained by Caruso as part of his extensive lifeguarding course. E.R.A RESGATE participates in aquatics-related events in and around São Paulo, Brazil. Caruso is also trained as a watercraft rescue operator certified by the U.S. agency K38 Water Rescue, and many of the events attended are triathlon competitions in which the athletes receive support of the team’s aquatic bike.

E.R.A RESGATE also conducts various professional courses training and updating water rescue professionals through NAUI sanctioned specialty courses.

E.R.A – RESGATE was created in November 2016 with the goal of strengthening aquatic safety in open water. Since its beginning, the team has grown with different training programs, courses, new ideas, and a professional vision that seeks to enhance the quality of lifeguarding in Brazil.