Mississippi Highway Patrol SOG Dive Team is Team NAUI

NAUI is proud to present the very first class of the Mississippi Highway Patrol Special Operations Group Dive Team.

The group is in the middle of NAUI’s intensive Public Safety Diving Program being held on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. Ten troopers were selected from Mississippi’s most elite law enforcement officers to participate in sessions being led by Course Director William Powe, 34793 with Instructor Carlton Sims, 58387. Assistant Instructor Michael Seal and Training Assistant Christopher Barron round out the NAUI team helping the Troopers through their training.


The classes include basic and advanced life-saving techniques, advanced diving, rescue diving, lifeguarding and finally public safety diving.  The troopers are being introduced into all types of diving environments and possible scenarios.


The training class featured in the photo includes in the top row, from left to right – NAUI Assistant Instructor Michael Seal, Trooper Kelvin Jones, Trooper William Kemp, Trooper David Blackwell, Trooper Colton Vanderford, Trooper Robert Land, NAUI Course Director Bill Powe, and NAUI Instructor Carlton Sims. The bottom row is from left to right is NAUI Training Assistant Christopher Barron, Trooper Thomas Hamilton, Trooper John Speed, Trooper Matt Minga, Trooper Brandon Berry, and Trooper Beau Bowles.