NAUI 2020 Board of Directors Election is now open for nominations

The Elections Committee is preparing for the 2020 NAUI Board of Directors election. This year there are two (2) positions open for election. Each of these positions is for a full 4-year term.

The Elections Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Board of Directors election. To be considered, nominees must send their nominations to the Election Coordinator at NAUI Headquarters no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on July 31, 2020.

For the 2020 Election, the NAUI Board is seeking nominees with experience in one or more of these areas:

– Corporate Governance
– Marketing Strategy
– Digital Product Management
– Business Analytics/Data Science
– Technology

Also, preferred:

– Prior Corporate Board Service
– NAUI Committee Service

Eligible members wishing to run in the Board of Directors election must complete the Nominee Application packet and obtain the required endorsements to complete their nomination. These forms can be found in the 2020 NAUI Election Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which is available in the Members Resources area in CORE.

Remember nominations are due July 31, 2020.

Each applicant must also review the documents Roles and Responsibilities of the NAUI Board of Directors and Representing NAUI in Public.

The Elections Committee will review the nominee applications and develop a candidate slate to be approved by the Board.

Please send your nominations by one of the following methods:

– Email:

– Mail: Elections Coordinator, NAUI Worldwide, 9030 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, FL 33578

– Fax: +1 (813) 628-8253