NAUI Argentina Launches NAUI Recreational Equipment Configuration (NREC)

NAUI Recreational Equipment Configuration (NREC) Diver is an Instructor Specified Specialty (ISS) course.  This ISS opens the door to a holistic configuration concept. It is the single tank form of the well-known NAUI Technical Equipment Configuration (NTEC) course that in 1997 the NAUI Technical Diving Division (NAUITEC) created in order to standardize configurations and protocols to increase safety and efficiency in technical diving.


NREC is an ISS that can be introduced in conjunction with or immediately after the Open Water Scuba Diver course and culminates in a recognition certification.


NAUI has the prestige of academic freedom and this has meant that active NAUI professionals have been able to choose how and which configurations to introduce and teach recreational diving students.



As of today, NREC is registered as an ISS and all divers in the world will have access to receive this training with an active NAUI Instructor authorized to teach this ISS.


NREC includes:

✓ Definition and scope

✓ Prerequisites

✓ Origin of NREC

✓ Equipment configuration (Wing System – Regulators with proper hose Length  – Basic & Safety Equipment, instruments)

✓ Fundamental skills (cross checks & S Drills,  static buoyancy – trim – propulsion techniques, gas sharing with long hose)

✓ NREC Philosophy

✓ What comes next



NREC applies to all levels of recreational single tank open water diving as it is a modern thinking and attitude that considers human factors and efficient responsiveness in skills for more effective decision making. With the NREC training you can become a better and safer diver, who is more efficient in responses, as well as better trained to protect the environment thanks to your skills and ideal configuration.


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