NAUI at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show

NAUI made a great impression at this year’s Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show. Approximately 30,000 people came to the show on February 21 – 23, and a great many stopped to participate in our booth activity. The NAUI booth was often packed, busy, and filled with fun! A big excitement was the NAUI “Wheel of Wow.” We set up a rotary wheel that attendees could spin to win various prizes and NAUI swag, including NAUI ducks, pens, pencils, stickers, courses and charters. It was a good thing that the Wheel of Wow was tuned and lubricated as the wheel was spinning for over a thousand people!

Our goals for the show were:

  1. Make the presence of NAUI known to show attendees and vendors.
  2. Make contact with NAUI divers.
  3. Promote our members and affiliates in Canada.
  4. Set up some ITC and ICC clinics.
  5. Make dates for NAUI events.
  6. Celebrate NAUI’s 60th anniversary as a way to show we are in Canada and around the world.

Having a full and professional booth made a real impact. Thank you to the many NAUI members who assisted in our booth: Luc Pelletier, Pat Smith, James Anderson, Ryan Vickers, Nicole AuCoin, Chantal AuCoin, Bruce Cameron, Bob Belcher, Paula Huber, Eric Alo, and David Dick. We had plenty of staff, and they were able to both cover the booth and cruise around the show floor promoting NAUI.