NAUI Endorses DAN Risk Retension Group For Exceptional Professional Liability Insurance Value

Tampa, Fla., (July 6, 2017) – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is proud to fully endorse the insurance program being offered by the Divers Alert Network Risk Retention Group (DAN RRG). As the agency committed to the safety of the industry, NAUI recognizes the importance and value associated with supporting an organization 100 percent committed to the enhancement and improvement of dive safety and thereby reducing the risk for all those participating in scuba diving instruction, service and support.

In 2016, NAUI Services Group (NSG) led the call for the establishment of DAN RRG and its involvement in offering professional liability insurance to the industry. NSG recognizes that no agency is more focused on and aware of the global risks associated with skin and scuba diving instruction than DAN. As a central repository for accident and incident collection, DAN can quickly and independently assess its causes and effects, thereby identifying trends and offering recommendations on how instructors and businesses can make the sport safer, as well as enhancing the capabilities and offerings by DAN RRG.

NAUI endorses DAN RRG insurance because:

They are the ONLY insurance agency totally devoted to the safety of the industry. Supported by dive medical professionals and world-renowned experts on dive accident assessment, no other insurance provider is better equipped to respond to, assess and manage diving risks.

When combined with NAUI’s annual membership dues, the DAN RRG/NAUI alliance offers one of the lowest total out-of-pocket expenses for scuba instructors in the industry.

DAN RRG offers a no-cost rider that provides unlimited defense costs outside the policy limits.

It provides coverage for all ratios defined in the NAUI standards. For example, NAUI’s Passport Scuba Diver program allows for a 4:1 ratio and is fully covered under the DAN RRG policy.

Prior acts are fully covered as far back as the dive professional has had continuous coverage. Some agencies only provide coverage back to 1992, which can be an issue for instructors who have been teaching longer.

It includes Technical Instructor coverage at no additional charge.

It includes Rebreather endorsement at no additional charge.

While only on the market for two years, DAN RRG has quickly become the best value for NAUI leaders. Combined with DAN’s 30 plus years of providing emergency assistance, medical information resources, and dive safety training and education, NAUI recognizes that there is no better partner to perpetuate NAUI’s motto ‘Dive Safety Through Education’ than DAN RRG.

Enroll in or renew your NAUI-endorsed professional liability insurance today to lock in some of the best prices and coverage in the industry. Find out more and enroll here:


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DAN is the world’s most recognized and well-respected dive safety organization, with more than 35 years of commitment to the safety and wellbeing of divers. DAN’s research, medical services programs and global response initiatives have created an extensive network capable of providing divers around the world with vital services – from the prevention of accidents through safety programs and education to the facilitation of lifesaving evacuations. To learn more or to become a DAN member, visit