NAUI Executive Director Elected to the DEMA Board of Directors

NAUI Executive Director Elected to the DEMA Board of Directors

Tampa, Fla., (February 28, 2017) -The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is excited to announce its Executive Director, Dallas Edmiston, as a newly elected member of The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) 2017 Board of Directors.

‘As a lifelong diver and committed ambassador of the sport, serving as a Director on the DEMA Board affords me the opportunity to work with fellow industry leaders who are concerned about the future of diving and dedicated to ensuring that the industry continues to grow and flourish,’ said Edmiston. ‘I feel strongly that my personal and professional experience can assist DEMA and the industry in developing opportunities that unite us, as opposed to divide us.’

In Dallas’s issuing statement, he illustrates the challenges impacting the dive industry’s shared stakeholders. These challenges include improving the conversion of new divers into committed lifelong consumers; the need to attract a new generation of divers; and addressing liability insurance coverage, in essence, to protect trainers and manufacturers. As a Director on the Board and a neutral party for all stakeholders, Dallas proposed to use his position to make unilateral changes and find mutually beneficial solutions to address these shared problems.

In early November 2016, Edmiston sought a position on the DEMA Board as an A2 Category (Diver Certification and Training Agency) candidate and Affiliated Field/Sales Representative. The election took place from Dec. 19 to Jan. 27 and was later extended to Feb. 16.

DEMA announced the results and election of nine new Directors to its Board on Feb. 21 and in accordance with the DEMA Bylaws, Directors serve three-year terms. According to a recent release by DEMA, the Board will soon meet to conduct officer elections, form committees and select individuals to chair them.

DEMA is a non-profit trade association and international organization with more than 1,300 business members worldwide. According to DEMA’s mission, proceeds generated through the industry’s participation in the annual DEMA Trade Show, sponsorships and its membership fees help support the diving industry in the form of market and industry research, legislation, disaster assistance, marketing and PR programs, and other industry efforts, all for the benefit of DEMA members.

‘I am thrilled to serve on the DEMA Board of Directors and to further promote its dedication to the growth of the diving industry,’ said Edmiston. ‘As with DEMA, NAUI is a non-profit, global organization, and it’s no surprise that we both share a common goal of bringing businesses together to support and grow the industry worldwide.’

Also serving on the Board are Mike Hollis (A1 – Manufacturing); Kristin Valette (A2 – Diver Certification and Training Agencies); William Cline and Dan Orr (A3 – Dive Publishing, Media, Consulting and Non-Retail Service Providers); Patrick Hammer and Myra Kurn (A4 – Retailers); and Stuart Cove and Tim Webb (A5 – Travel and Resorts).

‘Each Board Member adds valuable expertise and industry knowledge to the DEMA Board and demonstrates a proven commitment to the association,’ said Edmiston.