NAUI Expands Reach in Asia, Attends Dive Resort and Travel Expo Show

Tampa, Fla. (January 9, 2018) – To assess NAUI’s growing opportunities in Asia, Executive Director Dallas Edmiston and Director of Marketing and International Operations Derik Crotts recently joined the managers of the NAUI Asia-Pacific Service Center for the Dive Resort and Travel (DRT) Expo and conducted a series of meetings and sessions with NAUI members and international business leaders in China.

‘The growth and development of NAUI in this region continues to lead the Association and is both infectious and encouraging,’ said Edmiston. ‘I was extremely impressed with NAUI’s presence and engagement at the DRT Show Hong Kong. I see so much potential here with added seminars and training programs to enhance NAUI’s contributions and reach during and after the show. It is a great market and venue.’

At the conclusion of the show, the NAUI leadership contingent traveled to Guangzhou, China with Gary Sun, NAUI Representative for south China for a series of site visits and meetings with some of NAUI’s newest and fasting growing affiliates.

‘Asia travel and communication networks, along with governmental training facilities, offer an excellent avenue to reach a growing and dynamic market,’ said Edmiston. ‘Connection to travel agents, network of dive operators in these regions, and support for travel packages provide excellent opportunities for development of new NAUI Dive Destination locations.’

Before returning to the United States, Derik Crotts traveled to Japan to meet with Shigeo Iwamoto, President of NAUI Enterprises Japan.

Established in 1989, NAUI Enterprises Japan services the country’s members and an extensive network of dive retail facilities. Over the past two years, NAUI Services Group and NAUI Enterprises Japan have developed a more integrated and inclusive approach to operations.

‘Through a concentrated effort to gain better awareness of NAUI-related efforts in Japan and to strengthen global brand awareness and recognition, we are working much closer with our Japanese counterparts,’ said Crotts.

NAUI in the Asia-Pacific region is indeed a growing and vibrant force. As new products, services and destinations materialize, NAUI leadership expects to see this area become a prominent influence in the future of the industry.

In 2018, NAUI will be represented at several tradeshows throughout the region. You can access this extensive schedule of Asia-Pacific tradeshows at

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