NAUI Mobile Training Team (MTT) Technical Workshop – May 2022

NAUI Mobile Training Team Technical Workshop May 24th-27th, 4 Day

All About Scuba – Multi-agency Training Event May 28th– 29th, 2 Day


Dive Site Location – Alexandria Bay, NY, Bonnie Castle Resort that includes a shore diving underwater dive park open to the public along the St. Lawrence River. The underwater dive park is setup with over 7000’ of guideline that enables divers to safely navigate the entire park to see all the underwater attractions that include boats, cars, and numerous sculptures. There are two platforms suspended at 30’ to provide a stable training platform. The maximum depth of the dive park is 60’ although there are some areas that can exceed 60’. Deeper parts of the river drop down to 230’ and provides an excellent environment for technical diving.




Mobile Training Team Technical Instructor Workshop

Instructor Examiners:

David Caldwell #42994 Technical Instructor Evaluator

Heison Chak #59648 Technical Instructor Evaluator


The workshops’ purpose is to train NAUI Recreational Instructors to become NAUI Technical Instructors, the workshop consists of academic, land drills, in-water skills. At the end of the workshop the successful participants will be able to teach Technical Divers in the Intro to Tech and Technical Decompression Diver courses. We had two participants for the workshop that underwent intensive training presenting academic, land-drill, and dive briefing and de-briefing for in-water dive while being evaluated to the NAUI teaching criteria.


Josh Brewer #60472 completed all the requirements of the workshop and has received his Technical Instructor Designation. Josh can now teach Intro to Tech, Technical Decompression Diver, and Helitrox as an additional course above the standard MTT Tech Workshop.



All About Scuba AF#1338 Multi-agency Training Workshop – Owner Bob Sherwood

This event was open to all Recreational and Technical Divers to participate in two sessions per day for 2 full days. Participants pre-registered for sessions of interest that includes River Diving Techniques, Drysuit Control, Working with Guidelines, Propulsion Clinic, Diver Propulsion Trail, Unconscious Diver Lift to name a few.


The event hosted 22 online pre-registered divers and 3 additional participants for late sign up. There were an additional 25 divers that did not participate in the event but used the weekend for diving for fun. The event included a buffet dinner and speaker Dr David Charash who presented topics on Diving Medicine along with door and raffle prizes. Attendees came from the Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, plus a large contingent of divers from Ontario, Canada.


In order to conduct an event of this size, there were a total of 6 instructor trainers and instructors from NAUI, GUE, & PADI, a number of these instructors certified for more than one agency. All of these instructors are mobile operators complemented with mobile training trailers that are capable of traveling to any location.