NAUI Training Department Adds New Assistant Director

Tampa, Fla., (December 13, 2016) – NAUI is pleased to announce that Terrence Tysall, NAUI 16627, has assumed the role of Assistant Director of Training and will transition to the position of Director of Training, effective February 1, 2017.

After more than 22 years at NAUI Headquarters, Randy Shaw, NAUI 9102, will be retiring effective January 31, 2017. Shaw’s service has been an invaluable part of NAUI’s defining role in diving over the past two decades. During his tenure, NAUI witnessed many innovations in training from recreational to technical diving. His dedicated oversight and leadership will be missed, but he will remain with NAUI in a consulting position for a short time after his retirement to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

Tysall’s resume includes 42 years of military, commercial, scientific, hyperbaric and civilian diving experience. He has logged more than 7,600 dives with some 8,000+ logged hours underwater. This experience includes some 4,500+ cave or cavern dives; a 530 ffw deepest wreck dive; 600 fsw deepest open water dive; 525 fsw deepest cave dive; as well as, saturation experience and qualifications. He has conducted, led or participated in more than 25 scientific and exploratory expeditions. He is an experienced contributor to numerous diving publications and seminars and currently holds or has held board or advisory positions with organizations including NOAA, NSSCD, NACD, DAN and the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology. Tysall is a current NAUI Course Director and NAUI Technical Instructor.

His civilian work experience includes Dive Safety Officer at Texas A&M University, Director of Safety and Training at Orlando Hyperbarics, Biological Scientist for the Florida Park Service and, most recently, Diving Safety Officer & Corporate Safety Manager for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

Tysall, is also one of the founders of the Cambrian Foundation, a non-profit research and education organization. The Cambrian Foundation conducts a variety of data collection projects for environmental scientists, marine geologists, archaeologists and historians, as well as local, state and federal agencies. This 501(c)(3) conducts worldwide community outreach to educate people about the importance of maintaining healthy waters for our planet and the excitement and wonder of underwater exploration, with the focus on students and teachers joining the Foundation on research expeditions.

NAUI is excited about the addition of Tysall to its Services Group team and looks forward to continued expansion of its global training efforts and programs.