NAUI x 4Ocean: Announcing A Revolutionary Partnership for Ocean Conservation

NAUI Worldwide, a leader in scuba diver training and certification, has proudly announced its groundbreaking partnership with 4Ocean, an organization dedicated to removing trash from our oceans and coastlines. This collaboration aims to set new standards in environmental responsibility within the diving community through the launch of exclusive, eco-friendly products.


Product Launch: NAUI Crew and Classic Beaded Bracelets

In a significant step towards ocean conservation, NAUI and 4Ocean are excited to introduce our NAUIx4Ocean bracelets: the NAUI Blue Crew Bracelet and the NAUI Dive Flag Crew Bracelet available for purchase NOW!  These bracelets aren’t just stylish but are crafted from sustainable materials to promote ocean conservation actively. Each bracelet is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic cord and 95% post-consumer recycled glass beads, with charms composed of recycled stainless steel.




Dual Impact: Clean Oceans and Supported Communities
The partnership also introduces the NAUIx4Ocean Certification Card Bundle, which features the limited-edition NAUI Dive Flag Classic Beaded Bracelet. This product upgrade is the only way to get your hands on this Bracelet and supply is limited! Get ready to pull out your certification card with pride and invite others to take part in our mission. 


Supporting Diversity and Education in Diving
Each purchase of these bracelets will not only contribute to cleaning our oceans (with 5 pounds of trash removed per bracelet) but will also support NAUI’s Diversity Scholarship with $3.00 from each sale. This initiative underscores NAUI’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the diving community, ensuring that the beauty and necessity of ocean conservation are accessible to all .

Join Us in Making a Difference
This collaboration between NAUI Worldwide and 4Ocean symbolizes more than just a partnership; it represents a steadfast commitment to ensuring a healthier future for our oceans. Through these innovative products and the dual benefits they offer, both organizations invite members, divers, and the public to join in this critical movement: to dive responsibly, clean actively, and protect passionately.

“We don’t just dive, we dive responsibly,” says NAUI. “Our training programs are designed to educate divers on minimizing their environmental footprint, and every bracelet purchase contributes to breaking down barriers, ensuring the diving world is as diverse as the ecosystems we explore.”

Together, we dive, we clean, we protect. Discover more about this initiative and how you can be part of the solution by visiting NAUI’s Environmental Impact page.