Opening Festival of the Sea and Diving Season in Brazil

The Opening Festival of the Sea and Diving Season was created with the objective of encouraging ecotourism and promoting nautical activities and diving on the north coast of São Paulo, Brazil, with the Alcatrazes Wildlife Refuge as an anchor attraction. The event marked the beginning of the most suitable period for nautical activities in the region, and was open to the public and with a program to attract practitioners, interested parties, and companies related to the theme, not only from the region but from all over Brazil.

The festival was held in the municipality of Ilhabela, a beautiful island off the coast of São Paulo and a popular destination for tourists, both during the day and at night. Ilhabela has a tradition of diving and nautical activities.

The program included activities such as visits to and dives at the Alcatrazes Archipelago Wildlife Refuge plus concerts, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, environmental education, and booths (diving schools, nautical and sports companies, tour operators, equipment companies, etc.). A main attraction was the NAUI diving tank, where local instructors took members of the public on scuba experiences.

There was also a special presentation on NAUI that introduced our association and our promotion of safety in diving through education, and with great emphasis on diving with minimal impact on the environment.