Price Reductions on the Most Popular Items

In an effort to make your membership in NAUI as valuable as possible and to give you the opportunity to maximize your profitability, NAUI management has decided to decrease the cost of NAUI Education Systems while increasing the cost for certification cards. Competitive pricing allows us to provide the most cost-effective products in the market.

This decision will benefit both the Association and Membership in order to stay as aggressive as possible within the dive industry. With these changes, NAUI Education Systems will now be available for less than any other agency’s certification bundle offered today. In addition, these changes will help maintain our Association and provide the support necessary for product rebranding and translation in an effort to sustain a growing worldwide presence.

These changes take effect April 2, 2019, and will be listed as such in the CORE system. The costs approved are outlined in the table below and include a comparison to previous years’ prices.

*All NES include certification cards: Premier and Digital Plus systems include both a physical and digital card. Digital systems include only a digital card.

Individuals certified before 2015 and who want a digital card only may purchase for only $5 (members/affiliates) or $12 (non-members). A Plastic/Digital Card Bundle option is available for an additional cost.

These changes only apply to affiliates and members serviced by NAUI HQ.