Reef Restoration Project in the Dominican Republic

The Dive Academy Las Terrenas had a great meeting with Chris Campbell, the UK ambassador to the Dominican Republic, informing him on the progress of our joint reef restoration project. Ambassador Campbell is an avid diver, so it was much easier to explain the needs of the project to him.

The project, which has undertaken the restoration of area corals, is one involving the participation of the local community in Las Terrenas, a resort town on the Saman√° Peninsula on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The restoration project has received international funding and is being conducted in collaboration with the Dominican government.

The Dive Academy Las Terrenas has won the contract to conduct the training of the project’s divers. NAUI Course Director Paul Williamson (NAUI 43705) and Instructor Trainer Audrey Dauchy (NAUI 56044) are in charge of the training of five NAUI Scuba Divers, and eight NAUI Advanced Divers who will be part of the undertaking.