SeaTrek BVI: A Summer Camp at Sea that is Defining Diving Among Youth

Tampa, Fla. (May 15, 2018) – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is proud to share an exceptional opportunity for youth and young adults to receive quality NAUI training with its affiliate SeaTrek BVI, located in the British Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean.

With summer adventure voyages located in the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, and the Leeward Islands, SeaTrek BVI programs revolve around hands-on sailing, scuba diving, and instruction in marine science. With ages ranging from 12 to 20, students live aboard Moorings 4800 yachts for 21 days and become fully immersed in the liveaboard diving lifestyle.

‘At SeaTrek, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond the NAUI standards, and as a result, we produce confident, exceptional NAUI leaders. Becoming a NAUI Instructor has opened up so many opportunities for me,’ said Kasey Fox, SeaTrek BVI Program Director and NAUI Instructor Trainer.

SeaTrek BVI offers a variety of NAUI scuba courses that fit any experience level. Its staff of NAUI Instructors includes five Instructor Trainers, a Course Director, and a Course Director Trainers, all of whom are qualified to teach anything from entry-level courses like ‘Try Scuba’ and ‘Scuba Diver’ all the way up to the leadership level NAUI Instructor Training Course – and everything in between. Many students come to SeaTrek BVI with no diving experience and are able to earn several NAUI certifications in just 21 days.

Captivated by boat and island life, several students return to SeaTrek for multiple voyages, challenging themselves to grow in their scuba and sailing skills and knowledge of marine science and aquatic conservation. In fact, the majority of SeaTrek’s staff were once students themselves and have worked their way up the ranks to become program directors, scuba instructors, boat captains, and science program biologists.

‘When I first went to SeaTrek BVI, I already knew I loved diving and the ocean, but I had no idea I could turn it into a career. By the end of that first summer, I was hooked; I wanted to go back, wanted to learn more,’ said Colin ‘Farva’ Jones, SeaTrek BVI Program Director and NAUI Instructor Trainer.

And return he did – 2018 marks Jones’ 12th year as a SeaTrek BVI staff member where he wears many hats and continues the legacy of training to the next generation of ‘SeaTrekkers’ and NAUI divers and leaders.

In addition to dive training, SeaTrek offers plenty of time for sailing, participating in watersports, learning about the underwater environment and wildlife, earning community service hours, exploring the beaches, and simply enjoying the islands. SeaTrek BVI is a truly unique and action-packed summer camp experience that is not only fun but also full of learning and adventure.

Space is limited for the 2018 voyages that begin June 16. For more information about SeaTrek BVI’s Summer Camp at Sea, visit or contact NAUI Course Director Trainer and Director of Operations Capt. Monk Daniel at or +1 877-467-2454.

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