Your invitation to join a NAUI Committee!

As we approach the new year, it is once again time to look into the great work of NAUI. Every year we reach out to NAUI Members to invite them to join a committee. Joining a committee is a great way to give and receive ideas that will shape NAUI for all members, including yourself.

This tradition of member service and involvement is critical of how NAUI succeeds in business. Members are what separates us from all other training agencies. In addition, we have direct member involvement in the creation and modification of our standards, initiatives, and technology.

Each year members are selected to serve on our various committees and subcommittees. Is this the year for you?

To encourage participation, we are adding new positions and are looking to add more members. We look forward to some new faces to continue to make NAUI as diverse and well-rounded as possible.

There are several committees and subcommittees. Some of these are Planning, Bylaws & Board Procedures, Training, Diversity, Youth, Elections, Technology, Finance, Membership, Awards.

If you would like to participate on a committee or subcommittee, please take a few minutes to complete the Committee Application form

All members who apply will receive an acknowledgment of us receiving their email. Setting up committees and subcommittees does take some time, and once we have everything set up, we will let everyone know the results.

We greatly appreciate any member’s desire to serve in any case and look forward to finding ways to channel member talents in the ways that will most benefit the association.

Thank you,

Danny Grizzard

Chairman, NAUI Board of Directors