Youth Leaders Attend Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

Rum Runner Dive Shop’s ENC Youth Scuba Club members, who also serve as Love A Sea Turtle volunteers, attended and participated in the Virginia Aquarium’s inaugural Youth Ocean Conservation Summit (YOCS). This event empowers youth participants with the tools and resources needed to develop ocean conservation initiatives designed to protect marine ecosystems and their inhabitants along the Virginia Coast and beyond. This satellite summit shares components with the annual YOCS in Sarasota, Florida, focusing on unique marine and aquatic ecosystems around the country and providing young people with the opportunity to take action to protect the ocean. Youth participants will also be connected to resources and opportunities throughout the year through the YOCS Team network.

From left to right: Greyson Graham, Braden McPhillips, Genesis Froelich, Jaloni Taylor, and Caleb Thrift attend the YOCS at the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach, Virginia.