Navigating the Depths of Success: The Divers Supply Story

Divers Supply, the renowned scuba diving and snorkeling equipment retailer based in Jacksonville, Florida, is making waves in the scuba industry, not only through its comprehensive array of gear and services but also by its innovative utilization of the Department of Defense (DoD) NAUI SkillBridge program.


Having etched its identity as one of the largest scuba diving retailers in the United States since 1977, Divers Supply offers a vast array of scuba diving and snorkeling gear. Their catalog boasts masks, fins, regulators, tanks, wetsuits, and more, which are available through their physical locations in Jacksonville, Marietta, and Macon, Georgia, as well as via their global-reaching online store.


However, the enterprise extends beyond merely selling equipment. Divers Supply cultivates a vibrant community for diving enthusiasts of all levels, creating a hub where divers can pursue their education, connect with like-minded individuals, and immerse in their shared passion for diving.


Notable initiatives such as their “Dive Buddy” board and the much-loved annual Demo Day provide platforms for collaboration, learning, and product exploration.


Simultaneously, Divers Supply aims to satiate the adventure-lust of divers, organizing dive trips to locations ranging from the Florida Springs to Roatan, Bonaire, and even liveaboards. Furthermore, their scuba diving courses span the spectrum from beginners to advanced divers, with the weekly “Try Dives” being particularly popular among newcomers to the sport.


In 2022, Divers Supply undertook an exciting venture by embracing the NAUI SkillBridge program, a DoD initiative aimed at aiding transitioning service members to start civilian careers.


Their participation has already seen six separating Service Members from the Navy and Air Force join the Divers Supply team, integrating seamlessly and acquiring vital skills in the scuba industry.


This NAUI SkillBridge partnership allows these Service Members to gain hands-on experience, learning how to operate the sales floor, manage the shop’s opening and closing routines, sign up customers for classes and trips, and service all brands and types of scuba gear. Moreover, the shop’s supportive and knowledgeable staff ensures that the transitioning military personnel have a conducive learning environment, equipping them with unique retail and service skills.


In addition to practical retail and repair skills, the NAUI SkillBridge program provides transitioning service members an invaluable opportunity to network within the scuba industry.


They can engage with, observe, and learn from the numerous scuba diving instructors affiliated with Divers Supply, gaining exposure to a wide range of teaching styles.


Divers Supply, through the successful implementation of the NAUI SkillBridge program, has elevated its status from a premier scuba retailer to an influential player in the integration of transitioning service members into civilian careers within the scuba industry. Anyone visiting Jacksonville, Florida, would be well-served to explore the rich and diverse offerings of Divers Supply.


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