NAUI Brazil: Elevating Freediving Training with the Mobile Training Team!


Recently, NAUI’s Mobile Training Team embarked on a trip to Brazil, led by Freediving Instructor Examiner Nick Nechay and his assistant, Jose Salazar. This endeavor aimed to deliver the highest quality of training to a group of aspiring NAUI Freediving Instructors in the vibrant setting of Brazil.


The training conducted by NAUI’s Mobile Training Team in Brazil was nothing short of comprehensive. It encompassed the education and preparation of both Free Divers and Intermediate Free Divers, ensuring that participants received a well-rounded and expertly guided experience.



The success of this training initiative in Brazil wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated support of NAUI Brazil’s office. Led by experienced director, Alvanir S. Oliveira, known as “Jornada” (NAUI #19845), the local team provided all the logistical support needed to make the training a resounding success. Alvanir S. Oliveira, a fervent supporter of the sport, played a pivotal role in bringing this endeavor to fruition.


The results of this collaborative endeavor became evident as three Free Diver candidates (level I) and one Free Diver Intermediate candidate successfully completed the course. NAUI Brazil takes immense pride in congratulating these accomplished individuals who are now certified NAUI Freediving Instructors:

Arquimedes Garrido – NAUI #52635.

Artur Machado da Silva – NAUI #60094.

Bruno de Souza – NAUI #62880.

Kelven de Souza – NAUI #62889.



Beyond the training itself, NAUI’s commitment to promoting freediving extended to the 27th International Meeting of Diving Leaders of NAUI Mercosur. Here, more than 130 enthusiastic NAUI members gathered for a motivating lecture on freediving, leaving a profound impact on attendees and igniting their passion for the sport.

So what’s next for NAUI Brazil? The overwhelming enthusiasm generated by this initiative has left many eagerly anticipating the next freediving course. NAUI Brazil is already diligently assessing the prospects of bringing another exceptional training experience in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey with NAUI Brazil!


NAUI Brazil and NAUI’s Mobile Training Team have elevated freediving training standards in Brazil. With a strong foundation of support and a commitment to excellence, they continue to empower individuals to explore the depths of the underwater world and promote safety through education!