Ilhabela International Sailing Week Celebrates 50th Anniversary with NAUI Brazil

In a significant milestone, the historic Ilhabela International Sailing Week (SIVI) marked its 50th edition from July 21 to 29, 2023, in Ilhabela SP, Brazil. Ilhabela, located on the coast of São Paulo, is renowned for being a premier diving destination and a cherished starting point for many divers’ careers. NAUI Brazil proudly participated as a prominent attraction during this momentous event.




At the core of SIVI’s attractions was NAUI Brazil’s Diving Tank, a focal point that drew the attention of over 600 visitors! Here, attendees had the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of scuba diving through the “Discovery Diver” program, offered completely free of charge. This initiative aimed to introduce newcomers to the mesmerizing world beneath the waves, embodying NAUI’s commitment to promoting diving safety through education.




The 50th edition of the Ilhabela International Sailing Week witnessed the gathering of more than 130 boats, making it the continent’s premier ocean sailing competition. Distinguished figures in sailing, including Olympic and Pan American athletes like Torben Grael, Robert Scheidt, and Samuel Albrecht, graced the event with their presence.



Ilhabela’s appeal extends well beyond sailing. The city’s administration organized complimentary guided tours for residents and tourists. These tours encompassed eight distinct routes commencing from the Historic Center of the city. Visitors were also treated to a unique spectacle: the ongoing whale season, spanning from June to August, witnessed approximately 405 whales passing through the region.




While sailing remained at the forefront, the International Sailing Week of Ilhabela featured a diverse array of activities, including performances, exhibitions, and lectures, both within and outside the Yacht Club of Ilhabela.



“Discover Diving” at SIVI resonated most with teenagers aged 10 to 15, creating a unique platform to disseminate NAUI’s philosophy of diving safety through education. This reaffirmed NAUI’s pivotal role in advancing the diving industry.




NAUI members, including David Reynaldo Diaz (NAUI#60917), Alcides Falange (NAUI#51892), and Tatiana Zanardi from Projeto Oceno Vivo, were extended invitations to deliver insightful lectures on diving and travel, further enhancing the educational dimension of the event.

In summary, the 50th edition of Ilhabela International Sailing Week was a celebration of sport, nature, and education. NAUI Brazil’s involvement added a layer of excitement and enlightenment, ensuring that diving enthusiasts and novices alike left with a deeper appreciation for the world beneath the waves.

Photo Credit: Arquivo Pessoal