NAUI Endorses Candidates for Leadership Roles in NABS

Tampa, Fla., (September 19, 2017) – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) is proud to endorse the candidacies of Dr. Anthony Ford (NAUI 48401) for the office of President and Kim Yarbrough (NAUI 56323) for the office of Vice-President of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS).

Ford is a NAUI Course Director who is passionate about the education of divers and dive professionals and seeks to bring strong direction and leadership to a very proud organization. For nearly a decade, Ford has distinguished himself as a superb leader and developer of scuba professionals at the highest levels within NAUI. Additionally, he has served as president of a NABS chapter club, the Southern SeaQuestrians. Ford has regularly participated as a dive leader within NABS by conducting scuba refreshers for its members at their annual Summit.

Yarbrough has been a NAUI Divemaster since 2014 and has a passion for diving and enjoying the underwater world. She currently serves as the Leadership Committee Chair of the Southern SeaQuestrians. This committee is comprised of both scuba and swim instructors and divemasters and is responsible for overseeing the safety and dive education for all club activities. Yarbrough’s commitment to diver safety transcends beyond NABS and NAUI, as she serves on the Aqua Corp team at the annual NABS Summit.

‘These two leaders epitomize the qualities and values any organization would aspire to have to direct their efforts,’ said Dallas Edmiston, Executive Director, NAUI Worldwide. ‘They are caring and passionate dive educators and visionaries who think globally and strategically. Their leadership and passion for excellence and inclusiveness will open many opportunities for growth and innovation within NABS.’

NAUI Worldwide applauds the efforts of Ford and Yarbrough in education, training, and leadership across the industry and wishes them both continued success in their endeavor to assume a more prominent role in the growth and development of NABS.


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