NAUI Mobile Training Team ~ Las Estacas Instructor Crossover

Just a quick note from the NAUI HQ Training Department, Terrence Tysall #16627

(March 6 – 10, 2023)


As our wet suits dry from our incredible trip to the lush landscapes south of Mexico City, I wanted to take a moment and recognize the incredible team that made this mission happen and recognize a truly stellar group of new NAUI instructors.


The short timeline that occurred on this particular MTT mission challenged us, yet through Lina Rivera’s incredible leadership and Lamberto Rosini being an incredibly gracious host, we were able to put a multinational team together on the ground in about 10 days’ time. With any ICC there are many unknowns prior to arriving on the ground, but with the ground team’s leader Nick Nechey and his NAUI/Bamboo Reef teammate Jose Salazar, we were able to leverage technology to begin the evaluation process prior to us leaving the United States. In a series of meetings involving the team in Mexico and in widely dispersed areas of the US, we were able to synchronize and hit the ground running and maximize our efforts with an incredible group of instructors.




When we arrived, we found a supremely motivated group of very experienced and qualified instructors. NAUI is lucky to have these new members! In all my years conducting crossovers for NAUI and other agencies I have never seen this group’s equal. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable, supremely motivated, gifted speakers, and their water skills were beyond reproach. It was an amazing collaborative learning experience that someone in my position dreams of.




From a logistical standpoint, the facilities we utilized exceeded our expectations at every turn. The food was akin to that of a five-star restaurant three times a day and our accommodations we’re beautiful. Our bungalow was so new that we were the first clients to ever utilize it. The dive shop at the facility was well staffed well-appointed and supported our every need. The classroom facilities and audio-visual equipment were world class.



The one-of-a-kind natural environment in which we were lucky enough to train was awe inspiring. Picture an idyllic setting in the Mexican Highlands with lush tropical landscaping everywhere you look, with a crystal-clear river springing out of the limestone bedrock that winds its way through the same lush environment. Every time we were in the water we were surrounded by the native aquatic residents and delighted families paddling and snorkeling above us watching our every move.



I cannot thank all the NAUI Headquarters staff that made this happen enough. Joe, Angelo, Todd, Chris, Beth Maddison, Kris, Aubrey, Robyn, Matt, and Richard and of course my intrepid travel companion Tarrant. The lion’s share of the credit must go to Lina, Lamberto, Nick and our hosts. We hope this is merely the first phase of a long and beneficial relationship with Las Estacas Parque Natural and our growing NAUI membership in Mexico.



(Left to Right: Jose Salazar, Luz Maria Guzman, Nicholas Nechay, Terrence Tysall, John Tarrant Dunford)


We would like to thank all 5 members that helped with the Crossover:

Course Director – Luz Maria Guzman – member #16728 from Mexico

Course Director – Nicholas Nechay – member # 60788 from California

First Aid Instructor – Jose Salazar – member #58853 from California

Course Director Trainer – Terrence Tysall – member #16627 from NAUI Training HQ Florida

First Aid Instructor – John Tarrant Dunford – member #56719 from NAUI Training HQ Florida


The NAUI MTT (Mobile Training Team) is a corporate outreach program whose goals are to assist NAUI members and business affiliates in expanding relevant course offerings and staff abilities and to increase the capabilities of NAUI instructors globally. If you would like to become involved with the MTT team or host an MTT team at your facility, please feel free to contact us at to tailor a specific MTT team to your individual and regional needs.