NAUITEC Brazil Making A Presence in the Brazilian Cerrado!

NAUITEC Brazil, with its rich history, is committed to disseminating knowledge about deep and decompression diving due to the long-standing exposure to nitrogen in the country.


In 2023, experienced divers living in the capital of Brazil willingly faced the depths with the assistance of NAUI Dive Center Migulho, the promoter of the event. NAUITEC Brazil, through Alvanir, also known as “Líder Jornada,” provided support and resources for the creation of another class of tech divers. We were honored to have the participation of Professor Dr. Oswaldo Del Cima, aka Wado, from the Federal University of Viçosa, who collaborates with the improvement of the RGBM model.




The courses, including Intro to Tech and Technical Decompression Dive, were held simultaneously from January 16th to 22nd, 2023. The courses had five students and certified a Tech Dive Instructor, and they rigorously followed the standards. The theoretical classes were held at the Migulho HQ, and the testing of abilities was done in the pool.







The dives and checkouts were conducted at “Lago Azul,” located in the city of Mara Rosa, in the State of Goiás, which is 215 miles North of Brasília. This location provides better visibility and adequate thermal conditions for the divers.








The intense days of training included 8 hours of daily activities that occupied the schedule of the students and the candidate for instructor, with underwater and surface exercises throughout the course of instruction.