NAUI’s Northeast Leadership Conference Aims to Enhance Diving Education


As one of the oldest and most respected entities in scuba instruction, the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) is working to revive its tradition of sponsoring regional divemaster and instructor workshops. The initiative aims to further educational courses within the local NAUI community, a practice that has helped shape NAUI Worldwide’s legacy.


The organization’s mission for this endeavor is clear: to host leadership courses and workshops that foster both in-person and online interactions. This hybrid learning approach is expected to galvanize NAUI members in the Northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada (and even worldwide) while nurturing learning through collective participation.


At the heart of this project, a dedicated team of instructors will guide and oversee the process, ensuring quality and consistency. Bernie Fuersich #8940, David Caldwell #42994, Mark Criasia #54799, Vin Malkoski #8876L, Heison Chak #59648, and Frank Rakowski #58062 (all NAUI Course Directors and/or Technical Examiners) make up the conference leadership team, each bringing their vast experience and expertise to the table.


The conference kicks off on Monday, October 2, 2023, and will run until Sunday, October 29, 2023 with two distinct programs taking place during this time period. Participants will convene for in-person training in three key regions: Douglas State Park in Douglas, Massachusetts, Humber Bay Park in West Toronto, Canada and the New Jersey Region at Saddle Brook, New Jersey and Willow Springs in Richland, Pennsylvania. However, the organization remains open to expanding to other locations in the Northeast if the opportunity arises.


Under this initiative, NAUI plans to conduct two sets of virtual and in-person training programs. These programs will cover a range of topics, from NAUI Divemaster and Instructor Crossovers to Instructor Trainer and Course Director Workshops.



The first program commences on October 2, 2023, and wraps up on October 15, 2023. It will include a week of online lectures from October 2 to 4, and two days of in-person confined water sessions on October 14 and 15. Program #1 includes the following courses:


  • Divemaster Crossover Course (DMC)
  • Instructor Crossover Course (ICC)
  • Instructor Trainer (ITW) / Workshop
  • Course Director (CDW) / Workshop
  • Instructor & Instructor Trainer / Audit


The second program, taking place from October 6 – 29, 2023, will offer a more extensive schedule. Academics sessions will be held on multiple dates throughout the three weeks, while in-person lectures, confined water sessions, and open water sessions will be interspersed throughout the program.  Program #2 includes the following courses:


  • Divemaster Course
  • Instructor Training Course (ITC)
  • Instructor & Instructor Trainer / Audit


NAUI Worldwide is the proud sponsors of these initiatives, eager to provide an environment for current and aspiring divers to refine their skills and knowledge. As NAUI prepares for this conference, it stands testament to their unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of diving education and fostering a globally-connected community of divers.



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